Valentina and Teresa decided to start a new business for a passion that lives inside our life. Everything began from grandfather Pier Paolo, a shoemaker who has done alone and he passed on his passion for the whole family. The grandparents, Pier Paolo and Giuseppina began their activity around 50 years ago as vendors of footwears in village markets. After great efforts and many sacrifices they have been able to invest in a shoe store open to the public. The death of her grandfather convinced Teresa, my mother, to resign from her workplace to continue the “dream” of his father. This passion has been handend down to me by my mother as she was by her parents. August 30, 2015 born “Vispateresa” of Grandoni Valentina, a new store of footwears and accessories. The leitmotif of our business is an excellent product with a good quality and a brand “Made in Italy”; obviously with attention at the right price for everyone. Vispateresa is designed to attract both the girl the lady in career, the boy in casual clothes and the businessman in a suit and tie. Not only shoes! Come to visit us or visit our website to see the bags, scarves, wallets and other accessories for a complete look. In us you can find an excellent customer service and an excellet care for each visitor. Our shop online is easy,right from the homepage you can purchases in just some click and see the latest news. By subscriving to the newsletter you'll be informed about th latest new arrivals and promotions. Come and discover a new way of shopping and find your best look with affordable and quality products.